HeBoCoat® PL-EA 125

Boron Nitride Coating

HeBoCoat® PL-EA 125* is a boron nitride coating based on ethanol and acetone with additives of inorganic binders. Very good adhesion to substrates such as metal, glass, ceramics and graphite - even at high temperatures. Due to the solvent base, the substrate surface is excellently wetted and the coating dries very quickly.

Typical applications

  • release agent for sintering, welding and soldering applications; anti-spatter
  • reaction protection for graphite components

The product highlights

  • fast drying
  • good surface wetting
  • ready for use
  • economical consumption

* HeBoCoat Power Line - Ethanol Acetone BN-Content ⋅10

Did you know:
HENZE BNP also develops coatings in accordance with customer-specific requirements.