HeBoFill® Boron Nitride Powder 

Are you looking for a high-performance boron nitride powder?
Then HeBoFill® is your first choice! An all-rounder in powdered form.
Lubrication in new dimensions. Including cooling effect.


HeBoFill® includes a wide variety of boron nitride powder qualities

First and foremost, the HeBoFill® product family performs core tasks such as separating, lubricating, cooling or electrically insulating. Here, the focus is always on process safety, reliability and productivity - regardless of the application you need!

Nowadays, the industry's demands are constantly growing. Their requirements are becoming increasingly more complex, and they demand innovative solutions that HENZE BNP can already satisfy with its HeBoFill® product family:
Whether it is used as a release agent in aluminium extrusion, as a filler to increase thermal conductivity in plastics, or as an additive in oils and greases to improve


high-temperature properties – HENZE BNP certainly has the perfectly-suited solution available. With its three BASIC LINE, LUB LINE and COOL LINE product lines, the HeBoFill® brand offers highest flexibility. So you can select the tailor-made boron nitride solution for varying requirements, depending on the particular customer application. These include good flowability, high bulk density, specific degrees of agglomeration or pronounced fineness.

Convince yourself – we have split our HeBoFill® powder into three product lines, according to specific material properties:


Discover our HeBoFill® product lines ....

All-rounder in powdered form

Bornitridpulver HeBoFill Cool LIne


- Uniform layer formation
- High fineness
- Good workability


Lubrication in a new dimension

Bornitridpulver HeBoFill Lub LIne


- Very good lubricating properties
- High thermal conductivity
- High-quality appearance of the end products


Cooling effect included

Bornitridpulver HeBoFill Cool LIne


- High thermal conductivity
- High electrical insulating effect
- Good connection to the plastic matrix
- High process reliability


HeBoFill® Boron Nitride Powder

Bornitridpulver HeBoFill BL-SP 020

HeBoFill® BL-SP 020

This boron nitride powder possesses a high particle fineness

Bornitridpulver HeBoFill Lub Line Platzhalter

HeBoFill® BL-SP 035

The high fineness and the low degree of agglomeration make the powder an all-rounder in additives and coatings.

Bornitridpulver HeBoFill BL-SP 038

HeBoFill® BL-SP 038

A fine boron nitride powder of high purity with a distinctive platelet structure.

Bornitridpulver HeBoFill Lub Line Platzhalter

HeBoFill® BL-SP 040

Very good lubricating properties, thanks to the pronounced platelet structure.

Bornitridpulver HeBoFill BL-PC 060

HeBoFill® BL-PC 060

Ideal base material or aggregate for coatings, release agents and refractory materials.

Bornitridpulver HeBoFill Lub Line LL-SP 010

HeBoFill® LL-SP 010

The high crystallinity, the high fineness and the high purity make the powder the ideal high temperature additive in lubricants.

Bornitridpulver HeBoFill Lub Line LL-SP 050

HeBoFill® LL-SP 050 

This boron nitride powder is characterised by high crystallinity.

Bornitridpulver HeBoFill Lub Line LL-SP 100

HeBoFill® LL-SP 100 

The good crystallinity allows low to low fill levels and increases the thermal conductivity.

Bornitridpulver HeBoFill Lub Line LL-SP 120

HeBoFill® LL-SP 120

This boron nitride powder offers outstanding lubricity.

Bornitridpulver HeBoFill Lub Line extrusion

HeBoFill® extrusion

This boron nitride powder is the optimal release agent and lubricant for the aluminium extrusion process.

Bornitridpulver HeBoFill CL ADM 020

HeBoFill® CL-ADM 020

A good degree of agglomeration reduces the specific surface area, improves the flowability and reduces dust formation during dosing.

Bornitridpulver HeBoFill CL-SP 035

HeBoFill® CL-SP 035

A fine boron nitride powder, with low density and intrinsically high thermal conductivity.

Bornitridpulver HeBoFill CL ADM 045

HeBoFill® CL-SP 045

This boron nitride powder has a pronounced crystal structure with very large, platelet-shaped single crystals.

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