HeBoCoat® Power LINE 
Release & lubrication – the complete package

Every industry has different requirements and tasks. To satisfy these different requirements, a broad product portfolio such as the POWER LINE is required.

All POWER LINE products are focused on cutting and lubricating. Optimum layer formation, simple processing as well as its high substrate adhesion characterise this line. These products are used, for example, as release agents for sintering, welding and soldering processes, as lubricants in plastics and glass processing or as coatings for tools in foundries. The boron nitride protective coating significantly increases tools and systems' service life and improves process safety and productivity.

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HeBoCoat® Power Line

Grafik HeBoCoat PL-W 130 Bornitrid Beschichtung

HeBoCoat® PL-W 130

Simple handling, economical consumption.

High economic efficiency.

No organic additives contained: No decomposition gases are formed during the production process, and plenty more.

Grafik HeBoCoat HC PL-W 200  Bornitrid Beschichtung

HeBoCoat® PL-W 200

Ready-to-use boron nitride coating, with high boron nitride content

Prevents adhesion of metal, glass and plastic melts 

Organic binder improves surface adhesion 

Good abherent and lubricating effect

Grafik HeBoCoat PL-W 250 Bornitrid Beschichtung

HeBoCoat® PL-W 250

Concentrate with high boron nitride content

Optimum price/performance ratio 

Inorganic binder system guarantees good substrate adhesion even at high temperatures, and plenty more

Grafik HeBoCoat PL-W 300 Bornitrid Beschichtung

HeBoCoat® PL-W 300

High solids content ensures high layer thicknesses and, as such, reliable separation and lubrication.

Combination of inorganic and organic binders ensures good substrate adhesion across a wide temperature range, and plenty more.

Grafik HeBoCoat PL-W 310 Bornitrid Beschichtung

HeBoCoat® PL-W 310

Pure boron nitride paste for highest process reliability 

Suitable for high temperatures 

Excellent release and lubrication properties, thanks to the high crystalline boron nitride powder content, and plenty more

Grafik HeBoCoat Wax Stick Bornitrid Wachsstift

HeBoCoat® Wax Stick

Innovative boron nitride wax stick on special wax base

The wax melts when applied to the hot surface, bringing the boron nitride protective layer to the right place, and plenty more

Grafik HeBoCoat PL-E 125 Bornitrid Beschichtung

HeBoCoat® PL-E 125

The solvent-based drying process ensures fast drying 

High productivity 

The special binder system improves substrate adhesion in both the low and high-temperature range, and plenty more

Grafik HeBoCoat HC PL-EA 125 Bornitrid Beschichtung

HeBoCoat® PL-EA 125

Fast drying due to the solvent base

Very good substrate adhesion 

Easy processing and economical consumption 

Good abherent properties, even at high temperatures

Grafik HeBoCoat SL-E 200 Bornitrid Spray

HeBoCoat® PL-E 200

Very good separating and lubricating properties, thanks to the high boron nitride content 

The solvent-based drying process ensures rapid drying, thereby increasing productivity 

Simple handling and economical consumption ensure high efficiency in the production process, and plenty more


Pictograms explained

Release effect Lubricating properties Adhesion on substrate Viscosity Temperature resistance of binder systems

HeBoCoat® Power Line boron nitride coatings 

Bornitrid Beschichtung PL-W 130, Boron Nitride Coating PL-W 130 HeBoCoat® PL-W 130 more
Bornitrid Beschichtung PL-W 200, Boron Nitride Coating PL-W 130 HeBoCoat® PL-W 200 more
Bornitrid Beschichtung PL-W 250, Boron Nitride Coating PL-W 250 HeBoCoat® PL-W 250 more
Bornitrid Beschichtung PL-W 300, Boron Nitride Coating PL-W 300 HeBoCoat® PL-W 300 more
Bornitrid Beschichtung PL-W 310, Boron Nitride Coating PL-W 310 HeBoCoat® PL-W 310 more
Bornitrid Wax Stick, Boron Nitride Coating Wax Stick HeBoCoat® Wax Stick more
Bornitrid Beschichtung PL-E 125, Boron Nitride Coating PL-E 125 HeBoCoat® PL-E 125 more
Bornitrid Beschichtung PL-EA 125, Boron Nitride Coating PL-EA 125 HeBoCoat® PL-EA 125 more
Bornitrid Beschichtung PL-E 200, Boron Nitride Coating PL-E 200 HeBoCoat® PL-E 200 more

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