HeBoCoat® PL-W 300

Boron Nitride Coating

HeBoCoat® PL-W 300* is a water-based boron nitride coating with a solids content of 30%. This high-purity boron nitride possesses good crystallinity and high fineness for optimum surface coverage. An organic binder ensures good adhesion and processing. Special additives improve the wetting of the substrate surface and prevent rapid settling.

Typical applications

  • release agent for graphite in silage processes
  • carburisation protection in sintering and pressure sintering areas
  • release agent for coating processes

The product highlights

  • good surface adhesion
  • excellent lubricant and release properties
  • the coating is ready for use

* HeBoCoat Power Line - Water BN-Content ⋅10

Did you know:
HENZE BNP also develops coatings in accordance with customer-specific requirements.