HeBoSint® Strong LINE 
For high mechanical loadings

HeBoSint® STRONG LINE stands for boron nitride composite materials with very good mechanical properties, excellent gas tightness and high wear resistance. The addition of zirconium oxide or aluminium nitride increases this product line's mechanical strength. The boron nitride share of the HeBoSint® STRONG LINE provides the boron nitride-specific product features, which include, for example, excellent separation properties or optimum electrical insulation. With the HeBoSint® STRONG LINE, high-performance products with a strong character are available for all applications. This product line is predestined especially for system components that are exposed to high mechanical loads such as cover strips in PVD systems or components for the steel industry.

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HeBoSint® Strong Line

Grafik HeBoSint SL-Z 100 Bornitrid

HeBoSint® SL-Z 100

Preferred use in the metal casting sector

High wear resistance reduces abrasion due to molten metal and increases component service life

Excellent separation behaviour supports the flow and solidification process of the melt, and plenty more.

Grafik HeBoSint SL-A 400 Bornitrid

HeBoSint® SL-A 400

Composite material with high mechanical strength and convincing thermal conductivity

Optimum electrical insulating properties due to high specific electrical resistance

The excellent separating property ensures long service life and plenty more.

Presentation of the product properties HeBoSint SL-N 300 Boron Nitride

HeBoSint® SL-N 300

Optimised wear behaviour reduces the probability of detached particles in the fused material and increases the quality and machinability of your product.
The combination of maximum dielectric strength, chemical resistance, excellent thermal shock resistance and low material weight makes this boron nitride composite ceramic suitable for various applications such as metal casting, thin strip casting and PVD.


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Wear resistance Purity Low permeability Electrical insulation Thermal conductivity Thermal shock resistance Low thermal expansion Non-wetting behavior Mechanical properties

HeBoSint® Strong Line Sintered Boron Nitride Components

Bauteile aus gesintertem Bornitrid Components of sintered Boron Nitride HeBoSint® SL-A 400 more
Bauteile aus gesintertem Bornitrid Components of sintered Boron Nitride HeBoSint® SL-Z 100 more
Component from HeBoSint SL-N 300 HeBoSint® SL-N 300 more

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