HeBoCoat® Wax Stick

Boron Nitride Wax Stick

HeBoCoat® Wax Sticks are lubricant sticks with a wax substrate within which fine, highly crystalline hexagonal boron nitride particles are incorporated. The sticks are applied directly onto a hot metal surface. The wax melts immediately and the resulting boron nitride coating gives good lubrication and release action.

Typical applications

  • lubrication of the press shears and dummy block
  • coating of the press dummy block circumference, shear blades, tools and the container seal

The product highlights

  • excellent lubricating and release action, also at high temperatures
  • high thermal conductivity
  • efficient and economical in use
  • improved cleanliness in comparison to alternative lubricants and release agents



Did you know:
HENZE BNP also develops coatings in accordance with customer-specific requirements.