HeBoFill® Basic LINE 
All-rounder in powdered form

First and foremost, the high-performance powder of the BASIC LINE is characterised by its high fineness degree. As additives or fillers, they improve temperature resistance and non-wettability. Besides, they can easily be dispersed in liquid release agents, thereby ensuring good workability. It also ensures homogeneous, uniform layer formation in various end applications.

The pure white colour of the BASIC LINE offers plenty of scope for colour design. Customer-specific special colour requests can be realised easily. Thanks to their high specific surface, suspensions with the powders from the BASIC LINE are virtually settling stable. This way, HENZE BNP customers save much time and considerable costs in their production.

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HeBoFill® Basic Line

Netzgrafik HeBoFill BL-SP 020 Basic Line

HeBoFill® BL-SP 020

Thanks to its high degree of fineness, HF BL-SP 020 is the optimal filler in release agents.

Thanks to the high specific surface area, the viscosity of systems can be specifically adjusted with even the smallest addition quantities, and plenty more.

Netzgrafik HeBoFill BL-SP 035 Basic Line

HeBoFill® BL-SP 035

Good wettability facilitates incorporation into liquid release agents as well as refractory coatings.

The very high fineness degree and the low agglomeration degree make BL-SP 025 the perfect all-rounder in additives or coatings and plenty more.

Netzgrafik HeBoFill BL-SP 038 Basic Line

HeBoFill® BL-SP 038

Thanks to the powder's fineness and platelet structure, it is ideally suited for use as an additive in release agents and lubricants.

Used as a filler in plastics, the powder increases thermal conductivity.

Netzgrafik HeBoFill BL-SP 040 Basic Line

HeBoFill® BL-SP 040

Very good lubricating properties, thanks to the pronounced plate structure 

Broad grain spectrum ensures good and even distribution in the matrix, and plenty more

Netzgrafik HeBoFill BL-PC 060 Basic Line

HeBoFill® BL-PC 060

The cost-effective alternative to pure boron nitride.

Obtained by machining sintered boron nitride, this quality is characterised by its high boron nitride content and the proportion of valuable refractory zirconium and silicon compounds.


Pictograms explained

Particle size Specific surface Degree of agglomeration Crystallinity
Flowability Bulk density Grain size distribution

HeBoFill® Basic Line Boron Nitride Powder

Bornitridpulver HeBoFill BL-SP 020 HeBoFill® BL-SP 020 more
Bornitridpulver HeBoFill BL-SP 035 HeBoFill® BL-SP 035 more
Bornitridpulver HeBoFill BL-SP 040 HeBoFill® BL-SP 040 more
Bornitridpulver HeBoFill BL-PC 060 HeBoFill® BL-PC 060 more
Bornitridpulver HeBoFill BL-SP 038 HeBoFill® BL-SP 038 more

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