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Always one step ahead!

To always be at the forefront with future-oriented ideas, novel technologies and cutting edge equipment, describes the motivation of the company founder, Peter Henze, very well. He founded his own business in 1993, which is also the birth of today's Henze Boron Nitride Products AG! Ever since, the company has been dedicated to the development of tailor-made product solutions made from hexagonal boron nitride. And it has been extremely successful in the process! What initiated in the Henze family home 30 years ago has meanwhile grown into an internationally-active company.

For more than 10 years, Peter Henze's sons, Christoph and Matthias Henze, have been running the family business in the second generation. On a production surface of around 3,500 square metres, Henze BNP produces the entire range of boron nitride products - from powder, right up to the finished sintered component.

History: Company founded in 1993
History: New product development 2004
History: Joined the management in 2012
History: Delivery hot press 2022

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The specialist for boron nitride

As a boron nitride specialist, Henze BNP enjoys great confidence among its customers. Among other things, this is thanks to the consistently high quality level, the reliable delivery time, many years of experience, and the comprehensive consulting competence in everything related to boron nitride. Henze BNP reacts to new market challenges quickly and flexibly and has always recorded continuous growth.

Among others, the ceramic precision components, which are made of sintered boron nitride, as well as the high-performance suspensions, sprays and lubricant additives, are used in high-temperature furnace construction, in PVD and plasma systems, in aluminium extrusion or in metal casting. The various powder qualities offer additional benefits as filler additives in release agents and lubricants or ensure increased thermal conductivity in plastics.

Exterior view Henze BNP building
Production workers at the DMU60 machine

The boron nitride products developed jointly with customers are manufactured by trained specialists in Lauben, Allgäu.

Henze BNP has a modern machinery and plant park as well as a well-equipped laboratory. The most recent addition to the building was another production hall in 2022.

Living Sustainability

At Henze BNP, sustainable and environmentally-conscious actions are firmly anchored in the company's mission statement. The company has long been certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN ISO 14001 and attaches great importance to the efficient use of resources, the sustainability of its products and the careful use of raw materials and energy. The company covers its electricity needs with its own photovoltaic system and obtains the rest from 100% renewable sources. In addition, Henze BNP has developed an innovative energy recovery concept around its own hot press, putting existing energy to good use.

There can be no doubt that Henze BNP is committed to its responsibility towards the environment, society and the economy. Since 2021, the company has been a member of the Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie (Economy for the Common Good). As such, it pursues the innovative approach of measuring success not only on the basis of economic key figures. Henze BNP views corporate responsibility as a holistic concept that includes both environmental protection and social interaction.

The company believes economic, ecological and social goals to be inextricably linked.

Our exclusion criteria

We have stood for sustainable values and assumed social and ecological responsibility ever since our founding. That is why we refrain from working with companies that are active in the following industries:

Nuclear energy
We do not supply any companies that are primarily involved in mining uranium or in the production of nuclear energy.

Armaments and weapons
We do not supply any companies that exclusively produce or trade in armaments, weapons, intermediate products and services for the armaments industry.

Henze BNP - on the road to success for 30 years

30 years Henze BNP


Henze BNP has already been on the road to success for more than 30 years. Yet, the family-owned company is just at the beginning of its history.

The team continues to act according to the motto of “Always one step ahead” and is consistently expanding its market lead - also in new markets.

Henze BNP - Focused on Boron Nitride