Boron Nitride for High Temperature Furnaces

The design of high temperature furnaces operating at temperatures significantly higher than 1500 °C incorporates heating elements manufactured from carbon, tungsten or molybdenum. As a rule, these elements are electrically insulated from the furnace sides using high temperature oxide ceramics.

These oxide ceramic insulators are highly stressed given the growing tendency to employ shorter production cycles with faster heating and cooling rates, leading to early component failures and increased furnace downtime. This brings with it a significant maintenance requirement. 

In contrast to the traditional use of aluminium oxide, the working life of components manufactured from HeBoSint®, a sintered boron nitride, is significantly longer. Indeed, for thermal processes at extremely high temperatures and vacuum or in inert conditions, such boron nitride ceramics often present the only viable solution.

For this sector we are able to offer precision machined components such as sleeves, tubes, washers, insulators, insulating plates, spools, flanges and other parts subjected to high thermal stresses – to suit customer specific requirements.

Our product recommendations for high temperature furnace applications

Bornitrid Beschichtung PL-W 130, Boron Nitride Coating PL-W 130 HeBoCoat® PL-W 130 more
Bornitrid Beschichtung PL-W 300, Boron Nitride Coating PL-W 300 HeBoCoat® PL-W 300 more
Bornitrid Beschichtung PL-E 125, Boron Nitride Coating PL-E 125 HeBoCoat® PL-E 125 more
Bornitrid Spray SL-E 125, Boron Nitride Spray SL-E 125 HeBoCoat® SL-E 125 more
Bauteile aus gesintertem Bornitrid Components of sintered Boron Nitride HeBoSint® Insolating Sleeves more
Bauteile aus gesintertem Bornitrid Components of sintered Boron Nitride HeBoSint® Componets 30 mm wall thickness more
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