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Image of NSF Certification 07. May. 2024

NSF Certification

The certification of our two products HeBoFill® LL-SP 010 and HeBoFill® LL-SP 050 by the NSF (National Sanitary … read more

Henze blog has launched 05. Dec. 2023

FOCUSED - the Henze Blog!

The Henze blog has launched today!

Following the motto "Focused", we will give you regular exciting content on the …

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Ausflug 30 Jahre Henze BNP 23. Oct. 2023

30 Years of Henze BNP – Good Reason to Celebrate!

Henze BNP celebrated its 30th anniversary together with all its employees and their partners in Franconia!

They … read more

Ausbildungsbeginn 2023 21. Sep. 2023

Training start in 2023

The time has come: On 01 September 2023, the apprenticeship started at Henze BNP! 

This year, we are happy to welcome …

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06. Jun. 2023

Farewell of founder Peter Henze

After 30 years, Peter Henze will be leaving the supervisory board of his company, Henze BNP, to officially enjoy his … read more

Neu im Team - Fabio Daidone 21. Feb. 2023

Welcome to the Team Fabio!

Fabio Daidone joined our sales team as a Key Account Manager in February.

Prior to this, he had already gained several …

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4. Advent - Jahresabschlussfeier 20. Dec. 2022

Year-end party

We have an exciting year full of innovations behind us: new building, new products and new employees. At our annual … read more

Hannah Müller 10. Nov. 2022

A new member in the Henze team

Hannah Mueller joined the Henze team as Marketing Manager at the beginning of November 2022. She is responsible for … read more

Henze BNP Anlieferung Heisspresse 20. Oct. 2022

Milestone at Henze-BNP – first hot-pressing sintering system

Henze BNP is expanding its value creation, with the in-house production of sintered boron nitride bodies.

Yesterday, the …

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Matthias Exner Produktionsleitung bei Henze BNP 13. Oct. 2022

Matthias Exner assumes the position as Head of Production

Matthias Exner has been Henze's new Head of Production since mid-September. Andreas Rettinger, who has been working for … read more

New Dissover fpr Boron NItride Coatings 27. Sep. 2022

New Netzsch dissolver in operation

We have expanded our production capacity, so as to satisfy the increasing demand for boron nitride coatings.

With the …

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Neue Bornitrid-Pulver HeBoFill CL-SP 060 für flüssige Systeme 05. Sep. 2022

New boron nitride powders for liquid systems

HeBoFill® LL-SP 060 is a boron nitride powder, with high purity and low agglomeration. It extends the HeBoFill® LUB LINE … read more

HeBoFill CL-SP 009 und HeBoFill CL-SP 015 Bornitrid-Pulver 10. Aug. 2022

Expansion of the HeBoFill® COOL LINE

Our COOL LINE is supplemented by two new Single Platelet Powders, HeBoFill® CL-SP 009 and HeBoFill® CL-SP 015. The HeBoF … read more

Boron Nitride Powder as filler in plastics for better thermal conductivity and more colour 04. Aug. 2022

Article in Kunststoffe 8/2022

Boron nitride as a filler in plastics increases thermal conductivity and intensifies colouring. What role does boron … read more

Henze BNP sponsert Trikots für Grundschule Lauben 02. Aug. 2022

Shirts for Lauben primary school

The footballers at Lauben primary school are delighted.
Henze BNP provided them with new shirts for the upcoming games.

L …

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Henze BNP auf der ceramitec 2022 07. Jul. 2022

Henze at ceramitec 2022

We were pleased to be able to exhibit again at ceramitec 2022 in Munich.
We would like to say THANK YOU for the many … read more

Stefan Menzel Mitarbeiter bei Henze BNP 09. Dec. 2021

The Henze team is growing!

Just in time for Advent, Stefan Menzel has joined us and will be strengthening our Henze team.

In his position as Key …

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Tobias Dangel Produktmanager bei Henze 28. Oct. 2021

New in the Henze Team

In September 2021, Tobias Dangel joined HENZE BNP.
In his position as a technical product manager, he strengthens the … read more

Spatenstich neue Produktionshalle Henze 23. Sep. 2021

Ground-breaking ceremony for the new production hall

To mark the start of the new production hall's construction, the ground-breaking ceremony was held in bright sunshine in … read more

HeBoCoat EL-W 100 Bornitridbeschichtung 15. Jul. 2021

New Boron Nitride Coating

The boron nitride coating for hot forming processes.
HeBoCoat® EL-W 100 complements the EXPERT LINE of our HeBoCoat® fami … read more

Henze Aufsichtsrat-Wechsel 17. May. 2021

Change in Supervisory Board

Personnel changes were announced at the Henze BNP Annual General Meeting, hosted in May 2021. After eight years on the … read more

member company of the Common Good Economy 19. Apr. 2021

Official member of the Common Good Economy

We have been an official member company of the Common Good Economy since the beginning of this year.

The Common Good …

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Antireflektions Spray 29. Mar. 2021

Antireflection spray

Matting of reflective surfaces in optical measuring processes, using boron nitride spray.

The hexagonal boron nitride …

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3D Profilometer Henze 10. Mar. 2021

New 3D Profilometer

Measurement and analysis of surface properties and their structures

New production processes and technologies are …

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HeBoFill BL-SP 038 und HeBoFill CL-SP 035 Bornitrid-Pulver 17. Feb. 2021

New Boron Nitride powders

New boron nitride powders for plastics and liquid systems.

HeBoFill® CL-SP 035 is a boron nitride powder with large …

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Henze BNP Elektroauto 20. Dec. 2020

On the road with electro mobiles

Small, agile and good for the environment - the company car pool's first electric car. For a week now, Henze BNP's … read more

Zwick Roell 09. Dec. 2020

Mechanical test method

With the universal measuring instrument from Zwick Roell, the bending strength can be determined according to ISO 14704 … read more

Matersizer 300 10. Nov. 2020

Investment in new technology

With the Mastersizer 3000, HENZE BNP sets new quality standards. Henze BNP recently started using the Mastersizer 3000 … read more

THB 100 Linseis 05. Nov. 2020

Investment in additional measurement equipment

With the THB-100, HENZE BNP attains highest measurement precision with thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity. 

HE …

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HeBoFill BL-PC 060 Bornitrid-Pulver 14. Oct. 2020

New - HeBoFill® BL-PC 060

The new product HeBoFill® BL-PC 060 is the cost-efficient alternative to pure boron nitride. It is obtained by machining … read more

Michaela Schopp 02. Jun. 2020

Reinforcement of our sales team

Michaela Schopp has been part of our sales and application technology team for several months now. She completed her … read more

Imagefilm Henze BNP 09. Dec. 2019

Our image film is online

Experience authentic insights into the world of the boron nitride specialist: Here, everything revolves around boron … read more

Robert Schaedel 16. Sep. 2019

New team member

Robert Schädel joined us in September 2019 to further strengthen our product development team. After completing his … read more

Auszubildende 2019 bei Henze Boron Nitride Products 02. Sep. 2019

We welcome our new 2019 apprentices

Annika Rauh has started her three and a half year apprenticeship as a cutting machine operator and Philipp Klaus is … read more

Network graphics for the Boron Nitride products 20. Mar. 2019

Graphics provide an overview

To make the product selection even clearer for you, we have created special property icons, such as those for purity, … read more

New product lines 20. Mar. 2019

Launch of the product lines

We offer you the highest level of transparency with the introduction of our product lines. Now, our boron nitride … read more

Film HeBoLub das Schmierstoffadditiv 21. Jan. 2019

HeBoLub® video is online

The HeBoLub® video shows the versatile application possibilities of HeBoLub® and how, when used as an additive in … read more

Team Henze 25 Jahre Boron Nitride Products 12. Nov. 2018

25 Years of Henze

In 2018, HENZE BNP AG celebrated its 25th anniversary with all employees and their partners at "Törggeln" in South Tyrol … read more