Official member of the Common Good Economy

member company of the Common Good Economy We have been an official member company of the Common Good Economy since the beginning of this year.

The Common Good Economy is an innovative approach to measuring corporate success, not only in terms of dividends, but also in terms of values such as ecological sustainability, solidarity or democratic co-determination - parameters that serve the common good and, as such, make society a place that is truly worth living in.

Ever since our founding, our family business has been committed to assuming responsibility and creating sustainable value. We do not restrict our concept of responsibility to the economy; it also includes a responsible approach to the environment and social interaction. Here, for instance, our employees are actively involved in decision-making processes, and the careful use of raw materials and energy is a matter of course for us. 100 % of our energy needs are satisfied with ecologically compatible sources. Sustainability is more than a catchphrase, it is our daily life.

We are very pleased to be one of more than 550 companies that have joined forces under the umbrella organisation of the Common Good Economy, working towards a future that is worth living.

"All economic activities serve the common good."
(Bavarian Constitution, Section. 151)