On the road with electro mobiles

Henze BNP ElektroautoSmall, agile and good for the environment - the company car pool's first electric car. For a week now, Henze BNP's employees have been using a mobile, flexible and environmentally-friendly mode of transportation.

"Driving the new company car is really fun," Andreas Frei, Head of Production, reports. "Apart from being nimble and agile, it also has a small turning circle, and parking space problems are now a thing of the past. Being environmentally friendly has never been more fun!"

The Renault ZOE is primarily fuelled by the electricity generated by the photovoltaic system on the production roof. The vehicle has a range of 380 kilometres with one "tank filling".

"We have been paying attention to ensuring that our production processes are as environmentally friendly as possible already for many years. That's why, when purchasing a new company vehicle, we also wanted to be environmentally conscious," says board member, Christoph Henze, during the handover of the new vehicle.

Henze BNP Elektroauto Henze BNP Elektroauto Henze BNP Elektroauto Henze BNP Elektroauto