HeBoCoat® Expert LINE 
The specialist in action

When standard products reach their limits, special products - such as the EXPERT LINE - are called for.

This series was developed especially for challenging customised applications. HENZE BNP experts align additives, binder systems and special boron nitride powders to the specific requirement profile, resulting in customised products.

The EXPERT LINE products ensure high process reliability and efficiency in your application.

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HeBoCoat® Expert Line

Netzgrafik Platzhalter

HeBoCoat® EL-W 100

The suspension is effective as a high-temperature release layer in forming processes and superplastic forming.

The inorganic binder system creates a dialogue between good substrate adhesion, long service life of machines and good release effect.

The ready-to-use product can be sprayed or brushed directly onto the moulds, and much more.

Grafik HeBoCoat HC EL-W 250 Bornitrid Beschichtung

HeBoCoat® EL-W 250

High-purity, almost boron oxide free boron nitride powder enables the coating of fibre-glass materials 

Sophisticated binder system guarantees good substrate adhesion

Simple handling by spraying and brushing with, simultaneously, a high boron nitride content, and plenty more

Grafik HeBoCoat HC EL-W 300 Bornitrid Beschichtung

HeBoCoat® EL-W 300

Selected additives and adapted particle size distribution enable use in electroplating

High boron nitride content facilitates installation in electroplated layers


Pictograms explained 

Release effect Lubricating properties Adhesion on substrate Viscosity Temperature resistance of binder systems

HeBoCoat® Expert Line boron nitride coatings 

Bornitrid Beschichtung EL-W 250, Boron Nitride Coating EL-W 250 HeBoCoat® EL-W 250 more
Bornitrid Beschichtung EL-W 300, Boron Nitride Coating EL-W 300 HeBoCoat® EL-W 300 more
Bornitrid Beschichtung EL-W 100, Boron Nitride Coating EL-W 100 HeBoCoat® EL-W 100 more

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