HeBoCoat® Boron Nitride Coatings

Did you know that our high-performance coatings can also be used in the high-temperature range and have a high oxidation resistance?


HeBoCoat® boron nitride suspensions and sprays are versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications.

Our HeBoCoat® product family comprises a wide range of different boron nitride coatings based on water or ethanol. These are particularly suitable for use in the high-temperature range and at the same time more in demand than ever for new fields of application.

The high-quality brand HeBoCoat® offers a multi-faceted product spectrum for the most diverse application requirements. The use of intelligent binder systems and different boron nitride powder qualities enables tailor-made solutions that ensure high reliability and safety in the production process.

HeBoCoat® offers maximum flexibility with the three product lines POWER LINE, EXPERT LINE and SPRAY LINE. The powerful POWER LINE is reliably suitable for cutting and lubricating in a wide range of applications. The efficient SPRAY LINE is particularly suitable for small coating areas and can be used with pinpoint accuracy. The EXPERT LINE products have been developed for specific applications with very special requirements.

Convince yourself - below you will find detailed information about our HeBoCoat® product lines.

Discover our HeBoCoat® product lines ....

Release and lubrication – the complete package

Bornitrid Spray der Linie HeBoCoat Power Line


- Optimum layer formation
- Extremely simple processing
- Good substrate adhesion
- High efficiency


The specialist in action

Bornitrid Spray der Linie HeBoCoat EXpert Line


- For the special requirement profile
- High process reliability


Simple and fast - highly effective for small surfaces

Bornitrid Spray der Linie HeBoCoat Spray Line


- Very fast drying time
- Easy processing thanks to spray can
- Effective on small areas
- High efficiency


HeBoCoat® Boron Nitride Coatings

Bornitrid Beschichtung PL-W 130, Boron Nitride Coating PL-W 130

HeBoCoat® PL-W 130

Water-based boron nitride coating without organic additives

Bornitrid Beschichtung PL-W 200, Boron Nitride Coating PL-W 200

HeBoCoat® PL-W 200

Ready-to-use boron nitride coating, with organic binder

Bornitrid Beschichtung PL-W 250, Boron Nitride Coating PL-W 250

HeBoCoat® PL-W 250

The highly concentrated water-based boron nitride coating

Bornitrid Beschichtung PL-W 300, Boron Nitride Coating PL-W 300

HeBoCoat® PL-W 300

The boron nitride coating with inorganic and organic binders

Bornitrid Beschichtung PL-W 310, Boron Nitride Coating PL-W 310

HeBoCoat® PL-W 310

The highly viscous boron nitride coating with excellent release and lubricating properties

Bornitrid Wax Stick, Boron Nitride Coating Wax Stick

HeBoCoat® Wax Stick

The ideal wax-based lubricating pen for smaller surfaces

Bornitrid Beschichtung PL-E 125, Boron Nitride Coating PL-E 125

HeBoCoat® PL-E 125

The boron nitride coating based on ethanol with very good adhesion to the substrate

Bornitrid Beschichtung PL-EA 125, Boron Nitride CoatingPL-EA 125

HeBoCoat® PL-EA 125

The boron nitride coating with good adhesion to metal, glass and ceramics

Bornitrid Beschichtung PL-E 200, Boron Nitride Coating PL-E 200

HeBoCoat® PL-E 200

The boron nitride coating on ethanol basis with excellent separating and lubricating effect

Bornitrid Beschichtung EL-W 100, Boron Nitride Coating EL-W 100

HeBoCoat® EL-W 250
Due to the high temperature resistance, the coating is ideal for hot forming.

Bornitrid Beschichtung EL-W 250, Boron Nitride Coating EL-W 250

HeBoCoat® EL-W 250
The boron nitride coating pure and almost boron oxide free

Bornitrid Beschichtung EL-W 300, Boron Nitride Coating EL-W 300

HeBoCoat® EL-W 300
The special product for electroplating applications

Bornitrid Spray SL-E 125, Boron Nitride Spray SL-E 125

HeBoCoat® SL-E 125
The boron nitride spray with very good surface adhesion

Bornitrid Spray SL-E 200, Boron Nitride Spray SL-E 200

HeBoCoat® SL-E 200
The boron nitride spray with best separating and lubricating effect

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