Lubrication in a new dimension

As the name already states, the LUB LINE stands for powder with very good lubricating properties, thanks to its crystal structure. The LUB LINE powder is used preferably in greases and oils to improve the high-temperature properties of the lubricants and to further increase the lubricating effect. One side effect is a significant increase in the lubricant's thermal conductivity.

Here, too, the pure white colour of boron nitride powder scores points, as it gives the end product a high-quality appearance - first impressions count.

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HeBoFill® Lub Line

Netzgrafik HeBoFill LL-SP 010 Lub Line

HeBoFill® LL-SP 010

Due to the small grain size, the powder is particularly suitable for fine coatings and as an additive in lubricants 

It is ideal for further processing as it is virtually free of agglomerates.


Netzgrafik HeBoFill LL-SP 050 Lub Line

HeBoFill® LL-SP 050

Wide particle size distribution creates connecting bridges between larger particles for better thermal conductivity in lubricants

Good crystallinity and a very low agglomeration degree ensure optimum lubrication properties and plenty more

Netzgrafik HeBoFill LL-SP 060 Lub Line

HeBoFill® LL-SP 060

Thanks to the distinct crystalline structure and the narrow particle size distribution, the powder demonstrates good spreadability in liquid systems, thereby enabling increased heat transfer. With the low agglomerate formation, it ensures optimum release and lubrication properties.

Netzgrafik HeBoFill LL-SP 100 Lub Line

HeBoFill® LL-SP 100

The good crystallinity allows low to low fill levels and thus increases the thermal conductivity e.g. in plastics.

Netzgrafik HeBoFill LL-SP 120 Lub Line

HeBoFill® LL-SP 120

Due to the strong crystallinity with large single crystals excellent lubrication effect is achieved.

Low specific surface area simplifies the incorporation in fats and oils.

Netzgrafik HeBoFill extrusion Lub Line

HeBoFill® extrusion

Powder mixture specially developed for use as a release agent and lubricant in aluminum extrusion.

Very good flowability enables fully automatic, electrostatic spray application u.v.m.


Pictograms explained

Particle size Specific surface Degree of agglomeration Crystallinity
Flowability Bulk density Grain size distribution

HeBoFill® Lub Line Boron Nitride Powder

Bornitridpulver HeBoFill Lub Line LL-SP 010 HeBoFill® LL-SP 010 more
Bornitridpulver HeBoFill Lub Line LL-SP 050 HeBoFill® LL-SP 050 more
Bornitridpulver HeBoFill Lub Line LL-SP 100 HeBoFill® LL-SP 100 more
Bornitridpulver HeBoFill Lub Line LL-SP 120 HeBoFill® LL-SP 120 more
Bornitridpulver HeBoFill Lub Line extrusion HeBoFill® extrusion more
Bornitridpulver HeBoFill Lub Line LL-SP 060 HeBoFill® LL-SP 060 more

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