Boron Nitride for Aluminium Casting Processes

Increasing aluminium component requirements, such as weight reduction or increased mechanical load-bearing capacity, necessitate special alloys and casting processes in cast aluminium. Simultaneously, this development requires both new solutions in the field of refractory products and their protection with special coatings. Boron nitride offers this protection.

Thanks to its excellent release properties, it prevents the melt from sticking, even when the coating is applied very thinly and offers the ideal chemical resistance to aluminium alloys. Thus, using boron nitride significantly increases the efficiency of the casting process.

Our HeBoCoat® products include a wide range of water-based suspensions. These are particularly well-suited as release agents for coating refractory materials and ceramic components such as casting tables, troughs, distributors, hot head rings, and tools.

The suspensions can be applied easily by means of spraying, brushing or dipping.

Our dye HeBoCoat® Color Green also offers the option of colouring the suspensions green if required. This creates a clearly visible contrast between the coating and the refractory materials.

Our product recommendations for Aluminium Casting Applications

Bornitrid Beschichtung EL-W 250, Boron Nitride Coating EL-W 250 HeBoCoat® EL-W 250 more
Bornitrid Beschichtung PL-W 130, Boron Nitride Coating PL-W 130 HeBoCoat® PL-W 130 more
Bornitrid Beschichtung PL-W 250, Boron Nitride Coating PL-W 250 HeBoCoat® PL-W 250 more
Bauteile aus gesintertem Bornitrid Components of sintered Boron Nitride HeBoSint® Crucible more
Bauteile aus gesintertem Bornitrid Components of sintered Boron Nitride HeBoSint® SL-Z 100 more
Bornitrid Beschichtung HeBoCoat Alucast HeBoCoat® Alucast more
HeBoCoat Color green als Zusatzprodukt in wasserbasierten Bornitrid-Suspensionen HeBoCoat® Color green more
Component from HeBoSint SL-N 300 HeBoSint® SL-N 300 more
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