Boron Nitride for Aluminium Casting Processes

The ever-increasing demands being placed on Aluminium components in areas such as weight reduction or higher load resistance have resulted in the need to develop more sophisticated alloys as well as casting processes.

Such developments require fresh solutions - not just in terms of refractory materials, but also in their surface protection through the use of special coatings.

In a response to these challenges, Henze have cooperated, since 2017, with renowned refractory manufacturers Eredi Scabini. By joining forces, and combining the extensive know how and long-established experience of both companies, we aim to provide clients with tailored solutions and optimum service. Eredi Scabini therefore assumes worldwide responsibility for the distribution of BEcoat® WB brand products that fall under this partnership.

For any enquiries relating to our joint products for use in the Aluminium casting industries, please contact Eredi Scabini directly.

Contact to Eredi Scabini S.R.L.

Phone: +39 0382 66711
Fax: +39 0382 6671492