HeBoCoat® Spray LINE
Simple & fast - highly effective for small surfaces

SPRAY LINE, our high-performance boron nitride products in spray form. 

With this product line, HENZE BNP offers rapid process aids for small areas. Thanks to the simple handling and short drying times, the simplicity of using the spray can is convincing during the production process. 

With their material properties, the boron nitride products of the SPRAY LINE are used, among others, in aluminium extrusion for the coating of pressing tools or in PVD systems for producing precisely accurate protective coatings.

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HeBoCoat® Spray Line


Grafik HeBoCoat SL-E 125 Bornitrid Spray

HeBoCoat® SL-E 125

Clean and rapid application, thanks to easy handling 

Uniform layer pattern ensures very good separating effect 

Very good adhesion to metallic substrates, glass, ceramics or graphite - even at high temperatures, and plenty more

Grafik HeBoCoat SL-E 200 Bornitrid Spray

HeBoCoat® SL-E 200

High boron nitride content guarantees excellent release and lubricating properties

Organic binder ensures good substrate adhesion and safe handling of the coatings 

High economic efficiency and plenty more


Pictograms explained

Release effect Lubricating properties Adhesion on substrate Temperature resistance of binder systems Handling

HeBoCoat® Spray Line boron nitride coatings

Bornitrid Spray SL-E 125, Boron Nitride Spray SL-E 125 HeBoCoat® SL-E 125 more
Bornitrid Spray SL-E 200, Boron Nitride Spray SL-E 200 HeBoCoat® SL-E 200 more

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