Mechanical test method

Zwick RoellWith the universal measuring instrument from Zwick Roell, the bending strength can be determined according to ISO 14704 and DIN 843-1 in compliance with standards. Test bars of integrated carbide rods are loaded under bending stress. The course, depending on the deflection, as well as the maximum stress until breakage are exactly determined. When compared to the 3-point bending method, the 4-point bending method which is used here is a much more application-oriented testing method, because it allows a correspondingly larger material volume to be tested.

In addition to the material loading capacity, the material-specific parameter provides important information about homogeneity and a possible failure probability. Apart from this, it allows conclusions to be drawn about the microstructure or potential material defects. Owing to the above, this measuring method is indispensable for HENZE BNP as a quality assurance tool, especially in the field of sintered boron nitride materials.

The new hardness tester provides HENZE BNP with additional meaningful measurement results. The precise Brinell hardness measurements provide important information on mechanical abrasion resistance and enable tailor-made evaluations of hardness, especially for soft materials such as boron nitride and boron nitride mixed ceramics.

The two new materials testing machines are literally predestined for research and development as well as for ongoing quality assurance work.