HeBoFill® Cool LINE 
Cooling effect included

The technology behind foldable mobile phones, tablets, e-mobility is constantly evolving. Today's electronic components achieve maximum performance in the smallest possible installation space. Heat is the main result, which has to be dissipated to increase the components' service life, on the one hand, and to guarantee functional reliability on the other.

Here, boron nitride powder is more in demand than ever before. This is because they are considered the ideal filler for increasing thermal conductivity, found, for example, in plastics. The COOL LINE is absolutely pre-destined for these application scenarios. It was developed and refined specifically for this purpose.

The thermal conductivity can be increased many times over by adding boron nitrides, while at the same time maintaining the electrical insulating effect. Boron nitride powder's excellent lubricating and anti-friction properties ensure a smooth production process during compounding. Compared to other conventional fillers, system wear is reduced to a minimum with the use of the COOL LINE fillers. Saving costs in your production.

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HeBoFill® Cool Line

Netzgrafik HeBoFill CL-ADM 020 Cool Line

HeBoFill® CL-ADM 020

A good agglomeration degree reduces the specific surface area, improves flowability and reduces dust formation during dosing.

High filling levels enable a maximum increase in thermal conductivity.

Netzgrafik HeBoFill CL-SP 015

HeBoFill® CL-SP 015

The powder is excellently suited for applications requiring an increase in the components' thermal conductivity.
It has excellent lubricating properties and a low hardness. This distinguishes our boron nitride powders from other oxide fillers, which show a significantly increased abrasive behaviour with lower thermal conductivity.

Netzgrafik HeBoFill CL-ADH 020 Cool Line

HeBoFill® CL-SP 035

The large crystallites rapidly dissipate heat. This makes it the ideal powder for increasing thermal conductivity in plastics, heat conducting pastes and casting compounds.

Its excellent lubricity prevents abrasion on mixing tools.

Netzgrafik HeBoFill CL-SP 045 Cool Line

HeBoFill® CL-SP 045

Extremely low specific surface ensures very high filling levels with a comparatively low viscosity increase.

Very large single crystals enable fast heat transfer and good thermal bridge formation in the plastic matrix, and plenty more.


Pictograms explained

Particle size Specific surface Degree of agglomeration Crystallinity
Flowability Bulk density Grain size distribution

HeBoFill® Cool Line Boron Nitride Powder

Bornitridpulver HeBoFill CL ADM 020 HeBoFill® CL-ADM 020 more
Bornitridpulver HeBoFill CL SP 045 HeBoFill® CL-SP 045 more
Bornitridpulver HeBoFill CL-SP 035 HeBoFill® CL-SP 035 more
Bornitridpulver HeBoFill CL-SP 015 HeBoFill® CL-SP 015 more

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