HeBoCoat® SL-E 200

Boron Nitride Spray

HeBoCoat® SL-E 200* is a boron nitride coating in an easy-to-use aerosol can. The use of an ethanol base ensures good surface wetting of the coated substrate as well as quick drying. Organic binders provide very good adhesion to the vast majority of surfaces. The proportion of fine boron nitride particles endow the resultant coating with good release and lubricating properties, also at high temperatures.

Typical applications

  • release agent for silicon infiltration processes (protection of graphite components)
  • coating of press tools used in aluminium extrusion processes
  • release agent for sintering, welding and soldering applications, anti spatter
  • release and lubricating agent for polymer and glass manufacture and processing
  • matting of reflective surfaces e.g. for 3D laser measurement technology and surface measurements

The product highlights

  • extremely quick-drying due to the ethanol solvent base
  • optimum release and lubricating effect, also at extreme temperatures due to high oxidation resistance
  • high solids content
  • low tool wear
  • high productivity achieved through reduced equipment downtime
  • improved cleanliness in comparison to alternative lubricants and release agents

* HeBoCoat Spray Line - Ethanol BN-Content ⋅10


Did you know:
HENZE BNP also develops sprays in accordance with customer-specific requirements.