New Boron Nitride powders

HeBoFill BL-SP 038 und HeBoFill CL-SP 035 Bornitrid-PulverNew boron nitride powders for plastics and liquid systems.

HeBoFill® CL-SP 035 is a boron nitride powder with large single crystallites and high purity. As a filler in plastics, it increases thermal conductivity while retaining its electrical insulating properties. It also enables high filling degrees with only a slight increase in viscosity.

The powder HeBoFill® BL-SP 038 perfectly complements the BASIC LINE in the particle size range of 1-5 µm D50. It is a fine powder with a high boron nitride content. Due to its pronounced platelet structure and fineness, it is particularly well suited for incorporation into liquid systems. As a filler in coatings, it improves the high-temperature properties.