We take the pandemic seriously and are paying close attention to current developments.
Our highest priorities are to ensure our employees' health and our ability to deliver.

We endeavour to maintain business operations and our product and service availability in the best possible way, even under challenging conditions.
Our production is running as usual and our raw materials are available to the usual extent.

Against the backdrop of the rapid global spread of the coronavirus, Henze BNP has taken a number of measures, including,
among others:

  • Protective measures and hygiene regulations for all employees
  • Adaptation of operating procedures to ensure production reliability
  • Decision not to go on business trips
  • Restriction of personal contacts with customers, suppliers and visitors to the required minimum
  • Meetings and discussions are replaced by video conference calls
  • Increased focus on working from home

In terms of delivery reliability, Henze BNP built up storage capacities for the most common products at an early stage. We will inform you immediately in the event of any restrictions.

Our employees are also happy to answer your questions and you can contact them directly:
+49 8374 58 99 7-0 or send us an e-mail:

Stay healthy.
Your Henze BNP Team