HeBoCoat® welding

Ceramic Spray

The silicone free Boron Nitride Spray from Henze for welding and soldering processes. The ceramic coating reliably protects nozzles and workpieces from the adhesion of weld and solder spatter. HeBoCoat® welding is easily and economically applied by spraying. A dry, durable protective film is quickly formed. Its release, lubricating and protective effects are excellent – even at high temperatures.

Typical applications

  • release agent and surface protection for welding and soldering processes, anti-spatter
  • advantages of HeBoCoat® welding

The product highlights

  • silicone free
  • clean welded seams and soldered joints
  • excellent release, lubricating and protective effect, even at high temperatures
  • good, durable surface adhesion
  • quick drying
  • dry protective film – oil, grease and silicone free
  • high effectiveness at low dosage rates
  • reduced equipment downtime
  • reductions in cleaning time
  • higher cleanliness in comparison with conventional release agents


Did you know:
HENZE BNP also develops sprays in accordance with customer-specific requirements.