HeBoCoat® PL-WF 125

Boron Nitride Coating

HeBoCoat® PL-WF 125 is a water-based, boron nitride coating with medium viscosity. Inorganic binders and phosphate binders ensure particularly good adhesion - especially to steel and at high temperatures. HeBoCoat® PL-WF 125 is also a very good abherent and lubricant.

Typical applications

  • release agent and lubricant in the aluminium extrusion sector
  • for coating of press washers, container seals, shearing blades, and billets in aluminium extrusion
  • release agent for hot forming of aluminium

The product highlights

  • good surface protection
  • applied by painting or spraying
  • good adhesion
  • increases the service life of refractory material and tools
  • can be applied directly to very hot surfaces


Did you know:
HENZE BNP also develops coatings in accordance with customer-specific requirements.