HeBoLub® O10

Boron nitride in oil - the lubricant additive

HeBoLub® O10 combines hexagonal boron nitride micro particles with mineral base oil to a unique lubricant additive. This boron nitride-oil dispersion reduces both friction and wear to components, thereby giving engines, gearboxes and systems increased smoothness and improved service life.
HeBoLub® O10 also positively impacts economic efficiency. The lubricant additive smoothens the surfaces of the friction bodies, thus reducing the systems' fuel and energy consumption. HeBoLub® O10 is based on a boron nitride share of 10 %.

Typical applications

  • for engines, gearboxes, pumps, compressors
  • for chaindrives, conveyors
  • in the field of metal processing: Forming, punching, grinding, pulling and plenty more.
  • however, HeBoLub® O10 is not suitable for automatic transmissions and wet clutches

The product highlights

  • excellent lubricating and anti-friction properties, thanks to finely-dispersed boron nitride powder
  • good miscibility, with almost all oils and oil-soluble lubricants
  • improves heat conduction
  • excellent lubricating properties at low and high temperatures
  • good creep and wetting properties
  • very good filterability, due to finest particles
  • high pressure absorption capacity and plenty more

Did you know:
HENZE BNP also develops boron nitride lubricant additives in accordance with individual customer requirements.