HeBoFill® extrusion

Boron Nitride Powder

HeBoFill® extrusion is the latest Boron Nitride powder from Henze, developed specifically for the Aluminium extrusion sector. HeBoFill® extrusion exhibits excellent lubricating and release properties, high purity and good flow characteristics and pourability. It effectively prevents the adhesion of Aluminium to the press dummy block as well as other critical working surfaces during extrusion.

HeBoFill® extrusion is easy to use and offers process cleanliness through an efficient electrostatic spraying process which ensures economy, and results in a uniform, consistent coating. Both service life of the press dummy block and process security of the Aluminium extrusion process are increased.

Typical applications

  • lubricant and release agent between the Aluminium workpiece and press dummy block
  • lubrication of the container seal

The product highlights

  • optimum lubricating and release action
  • increases both service life of the press dummy block and process security
  • econmical in use with efficient powder application
  • Increases cleanliness in comparison with more traditional release agents such as oils, greases and soot
  • easily applied by electrostatic spraying
  • uniform, consistent coating

Did you know:
HENZE BNP develops boron nitride powder in accordance with customer-specific requirements.