HeBoFill® BL-PC 060

Boron Nitride Powder

HeBoFill® BL-PC 060* is atechnical quality that is created in the course of processing ofsintered Boron Nitride qualities. It is prepared by means of a complex procedure. It consists of approximately 70% polycrystalline boron nitride, 15% zirconium dioxide and 10% silicate compounds. Thanks to its refractory components, this powder is particularly suitable for use as an aggregate with refractory products.

Typical applications

  • filler in coatings, to improve the high-temperature properties
  • as a base material for high-quality separating layers
  • aggregate for refractory products

The product highlights

  • optimum abherent properties, even at high temperatures
  • cost-efficient alternative for technical applications
  • good lubricity in comparison to other ceramic powders
  • high resistance to oxidation - in air, up to 900 °C
  • temperature resistant under inert gas/vacuum, to temperatures of up to
  • 2000 °C
  • electrical insulator
  • wear resistance
  • no health-related concerns

* HeBoFill Basic Line - Poly Cristalline D50 ⋅10

Did you know:
HENZE BNP develops boron nitride powder in accordance with customer-specific requirements.