More space for the production of our boron nitride productse

The new hall has a floor surface of 900 square metres, made mainly of wood. There are also office and meeting rooms in an installation on two levels.

Wood was deliberately selected as the new hall's main building material and has a long tradition as a renewable raw material of both high functionality and safety. In addition to the foundation and the fire wall, which are built of reinforced concrete, the hall is constructed of wood, from the columns and uprights, to the walls, the trusses, and right up to the roof.

The photovoltaic system on the roof generates clean electricity that is immediately used for the building's own needs. An intelligent waste heat concept converts the production heat for the hall's heating or cooling supply. This way, the first steps are taken towards a circular economy, and the energy generated during production is put to optimal use.

The move into the new building is planned for summer 2022.



 Our building site in May 2022

 Our building site in April 2022

Our building site in March 2022

Our building site in December 2021

Our building site in November 2021

Our building site in October 2021

Our building site in September 2021

The spade table