Focused on Boron Nitride

Good separating and lubricating properties, very good thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion, and good electrical insulating properties - boron nitride products are true all-rounders.

Depending on the required application, they are used as precision components, coatings, powders or lubricant additives in a number of different high-temperature applications and in numerous industries.

HENZE BNP specialises in producing, distributing and developing hexagonal boron nitride products. Already for more than 25 years, the family-owned company has distinguished itself with its in-depth expertise, high degree of innovative power and individual customer service. Thus, Henze boron nitride products have become a preferred material for technically demanding applications and innovative industrial application fields.

Convince yourself of our HeBoSint®, HeBoFill®, HeBoCoat® and HeBoLub® product families.

Our Boron Nitride Products

Bauteile aus gesintertem Bornitrid Components of sintered Boron Nitride


Pure, sintered or composite material boron nitride qualities are easy to work with, in addition to providing a heavy-duty thermal and electrically-insulating performance. This makes them perfect for high-temperature processes.

Bornitrid Beschichtung Boron Nitride Coating


Liquid water- or solvent-based boron nitride coatings ensure the optimum release and lubricating effect in many application fields.

Bornitridpulver HeBoFill


A wide range of boron nitride powders is available. They improve plastics' thermal conductivity as fillers while being highly electrically insulating at the same time, and they provide the necessary separating and lubricating effect in coatings.

HeBoLub O10 Schmierstoffadditiv Bornitrid in Oel


This lubricant additive is characterised by fine boron nitride particles dispersed in oil in high concentrations. It optimises lubricants' high-temperature properties in numerous tribological applications while simultaneously improving their thermal conductivity.

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Boron Nitride Products Applications

Anwendung Strangpressen

Aluminium Extrusion Processes

Special HeboFill® powders replace traditional release agents such as carbon black and ensure the optimum lubricating effect between the aluminium block and the press plunger at high temperatures. Liquid release agents ensure optimum metal flow in the die.

Anwendung Aluminiumguss

Aluminium Casting

Increasing requirements in aluminium casting also place constantly growing demands on the coating of refractory materials. HeBoCoat® boron nitride products possess the desired combinations of properties.

Anwendung Metallguss

Metal Casting Processes

Crucibles, nozzles and moulded parts made of HeBoSint® materials are highly resistant to thermal shock, ward off the attack of numerous metal melts and ensure increased service life and process reliability. The easy workability allows a large variety of geometries. HeBoCoat® coatings give trough materials the required separating effect, reduce wear and facilitate cleaning, thereby improving efficiency.

Anwendung Hochtempereratur Ofenbau

High temperature furnace construction

The various HeBoSint® qualities provide you with the right materials, be it as electrical insulation sleeves for the heating elements or in the form of heating element supports and thermocouple protection tubes. Being highly temperature and thermal shock resistant, yet predominantly chemically inert, they ensure efficient and reliable process control.

Anwendung PVD und Plasmatechnologie

PVD & Plasma Systems

Shielding frames and strips for the targets are subject to high loads. With its good separating properties, HeBoSint® has the required high electrical insulation, in addition to withstanding high temperatures and being easy to clean. HeBoCoat® coatings on metallic shielding frames facilitate their cleaning, thereby saving valuable process time.

Anwendung Schmierstofftechnik

Lubricant Technology

Processes are constantly accelerating, process temperatures are rising, and the requirements to be satisfied by lubricants are becoming increasingly more demanding. Thanks to its hexagonal platelet structure, boron nitride possesses very good lubricating properties, especially at high temperatures. Here, as solid lubricants in oils and greases, HeBoFill® Boron nitride powders or HeBoLub®, in the form of finely-dispersed, highly-concentrated BN oil additives, provide a valuable contribution by improving the lubricants' high temperature and emergency running properties.

Anwendung Kunststofftechnik

Polymer engineering

There are no plastics with significant thermal conductivity, yet the use of plastics is constantly increasing, especially in the electronics sector. Like only a few fillers, HeBoFill® boron nitride powders are ideally suited to increase plastic's thermal conductivity while maintaining good electrical insulation at the same time. With boron nitride's low hardness, there is no tool wear during incorporation and, as such, no disturbing metal abrasion. A large range of HeBoFill® qualities are available for this purpose.

Anwendung Sintertechnik und Pulvermetallurgie

Sintering and Powder Metallurgy

Sintering is done under high temperatures and in a protected atmosphere. Sintering support plates made of HeBoSint® materials are temperature-resistant, prevent the sintered material from sticking to the support plate and also prevent component carburisation. When using graphite charging carriers, HeBoCoat® coatings prevent carburisation and reliably separate the sintered material from the support platXe. During pressure sintering, HeBoCoat® sprays provide the necessary separation effect on small surfaces.

Anwendung Solar- und Photovoltaik

Solar and Photovoltaic Engineering

When producing silicon wafers that are used in solar modules, the graphite or copper heating elements must be protected by electrically-insulating ceramics. Thanks to HeBoSint®'s excellent electrical insulating and thermal properties, they are often the best solution for this application.

Anwendung Schmierstofftechnik

Welding and soldering technology

Welding spatters, which attach themselves to welding nozzles, workpieces, plant components, and welding protection devices, impair functionality, gas flow and wire feed in industrial welding. Similar problems arise with soldering, too. HeBoCoat® sprays and suspensions provide reliable protection against the undesired adhesion of welding and soldering spatter. This saves time and significantly increases the service life.

Anwendung Umformtechnik

Metal Forming and Shaping

HeBoCoat® coatings and HeBoFill® powders are effective release agents and lubricants in forming processes such as drawing, rolling or pressing. Thanks to their special boron nitride properties, they do not cause carburisation, short circuits or soiling.



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