HeBoFill® CL-ADM 020

Boron Nitride Powder

HeBoFill® CL-ADM 020 is characterised by its very high purity and high crystallinity. It is the ideal filler for polymers to enhance their thermal conductivity whilst retaining their good electrical insulation properties. The low density of HeBoFill® CL-ADM 020 in comparison to more conventional fillers presents further advantages. The powder exhibits an average particle size of 20 µm, which results in excellent pourabiloity and ease of processing - also in automated processes.   

Typical Applications for HeBoFill® CL-ADM 020 

  • filler and additive to increase the thermal conductivity of polymers
  • embedding material for sinter processes

Advantages of HeBoFill® CL-ADM 020 

  • excellent thermal conductivity
  • excellent free flowing characteristics and pourability resulting from a grainy               agglomerated particle structure of median compressive strength
  • good lubricating properties
  • electrically insulating
  • low density
  • high filler contents achieved through a low specific surface area
  • low viscosity increase
  • high oxidation resistance – in air to 900 °C
  • temperature resistant under inert conditions or vacuum to 2000 °C
  • ease of processing

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Boron Nitride powder HeBoFill CL-ADM 020
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