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Henze BNP AG – always a step ahead

Henze Boron Nitride Products AG, in short Henze BNP AG, moved into purpose-built head-quarters and manufacturing facilities in Lauben near Kempten/Allgäu early in 2014. This brand new 2,500 sqm facility is now the home of the family business that was founded in 1993, allowing us to build on the cornerstones of quality, innovation and know-how in the application of hexagonal boron nitride. 

What started when Peter Henze originally founded the company in 1993 using subcontract manufacture to process boron nitride raw materials and semi-finished stock has, in the meantime, developed into a key-player in all things regarding boron nitride. Now in the second generation, with sons Christoph and Matthias Henze at the helm since 2012, Henze BNP AG continues to be at the forefront as the leading specialist in hexagonal boron nitride.

A team of 40 continues to develop highly innovative products which are used in an ever increasing wide range of industry applications: Our high performance Henze powders, suspensions, sprays, dispersions and precision machined ceramic components, all manufactured from boron nitride, are typically used as lubricants, release agents, coatings, fillers as well as components for use in high temperature applications. Specific industry sectors include, amongst many others, high temperature furnaces, PVD and plasma equipment, aluminium extrusion as well as sintering and powder metallurgy.  

Your Ambitions are our Motivation

Our customers benefit not only from our state of the art machining capabilities, our international market knowledge, our longstanding relationships with renowned raw material suppliers or that our business and its infrastructure is well positioned for the future. But also the combined extensive know-how of our team of specialists covering the widest range of industry sectors to enable fast, innovative and reliable solutions to customer specific requirements. 

We have been certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 for many years. We continue to build on this in terms of optimising both our customer service as well as our production processes. 

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