Bornitrid_Sinterkoerper_Solarproduktion Bornitrid_Sinterkoerper_Solarproduktion

Boron Nitride for
Solar and Photovoltaic Engineering

Solar modules contain crystalline silicon solar cells based on mono- or multicrystalline wafers. These wafers are manufactured using high temperature equipment in which the copper or graphite heating elements are protected using electrically insulating ceramics.  The efficiency of these production techniques continues to be optimised, however at the same time the performance limits of these ceramic insulators are being seriously encroached upon.

HeBoSint® boron nitride ceramics offer, in direct contrast to other materials, a significant increase in working life, making HeBoSint® the ideal high performance ceramic material for use in the manufacture of mono- or multicrystalline silicon wafers. The outstanding thermal performance of boron nitride ceramics, especially when combined with their electrically insulating properties, ensures that components in this material often present by far the best, and frequently the only solution in this application area.

Our product recommendations for solar and photovoltaic engineering applications:

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