HeBoLub lubrication additive in oil

Boron Nitride for Lubricant Technologies

Lubricants are used in a wide variety of applications, including engine technologies, and must be capable of satisfying the appropriate performance requirements with ease. A fundamental requirement of lubricants is to reduce the mechanical friction between moving parts. The lubricant must be able to be conveyed reliably and quickly to where it is needed, over the full range of operating temperatures.

Additives are mixed to the base-oils which, through their chemical and/ or physical properties, enhance the performance of the resulting lubricant. Technical developments demand an ever-increasing use of intelligent lubricants giving higher performance and special properties. The combinations of a high quality lubricant incorporating appropriate additives (such as Boron Nitride lubricant additives) represent tailored tribological solutions giving higher efficiency and reliability. Friction and wear are reduced, the performance of the lubricant under load is increased and dry running properties are improved.

Our highly concentrated HeBoLub® oil dispersion is an appropriate lubricant additive for a variety of applications - especially when friction and wear, including at high operating temperatures, must be reduced.

We develop tailored solutions jointly with end-users.

Our product recommendations for lubricant technology applications are as follows:

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