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HeBoFill® Boron Nitride Powder

The HeBoFill® trade name represents a broad range of boron nitride powders which are fine-tuned to suit the broadest spectrum of applications such as release action, lubrication or polymer engineering. 

Available in a wide variety of purities and particle sizes, ranging from well below 1 µm to in excess of 100 µm, HeBoFill® products can be tailor-made to suit a multitude of uses.

HeBoFill® boron nitride powders are characterised, in particular, by their high temperature resistance, highest electrical insulation capability, high thermal conductivity as well as their resistance to wetting when used in contact with the vast majority of molten metals, glass and salts. They are non-toxic and environmentally safe. 

Our product recommendations for following application:

Aluminium Extrusion
HeBoFill® extrusion

HeBoFill® 410, HeBoFill® 641, HeBoFill® 511

Thermal Management
NEW HeBoFill® CL-ADM 020 - powder with agglomerated structure
HeBoFill® 501, HeBoFill® 511HeBoFill® 641 - powder with plateleted structure

Additive & Coating
HeBoFill® 110, HeBoFill® 205, HeBoFill® 400, HeBoFill® 630

Boron Nitride powder overwiew

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HeBoFill® 110

HeBoFill® 110 is a powder of a high purity ...more

HeBoFill® 205

HeBoFill® 205 is characterised by its ultrafine particles and good crystalline structure ...more

HeBoFill® 230

HeBoFill® 230 is exhibiting a defined platelet structure and high purity ... ...more

HeBoFill® 400

HeBoFill® 400 is a pure, highly crystalline boron nitride powder ...more
Hexagonale Plättchentruktur Bornitrid Pulver  HeBoFill 410

HeBoFill® 410

HeBoFill® 410 offers the opportunity to use a boron nitride powder exhibiting a small particle size ...more

HeBoFill® 501

HeBoFill® 501 exhibits a defined crystal structure with platelet shaped crystals ...more

HeBoFill® 511

HeBoFill® 511 is an ideal filler material for polymers ...more
Hexagonale Plättchentruktur Bornitrid Pulver  HeBoFill 630

HeBoFill® 630

HeBoFill® 630 is a pure boron nitride powder with a very high specific surface area ...more

HeBoFill® 641

HeBoFill® 641 is a boron nitride powder with platelet shaped crystals and excellent lubricating properties ...more
Boron Nitride powder HeBoFill CL-ADM 020

HeBoFill® CL-ADM 020

HeBoFill® CL-ADM 020 is the ideal filler for polymers ...more
HeBoFill extrusion Boron NItride Powder

HeBoFill® extrusion

HeBoFill® extrusion developed specifically for the Aluminium extrusion sector ...more
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