HeBoFill® 501

Boron Nitride Powder

HeBoFill® 501exhibits high purity and a defined crystal structure, with crystal sizes up to 40 µm in size. Its high purity and low density, as well as the high thermal conductivity which is a key boron nitride characteristic, predestines this material for use as a filler in polymers in order to increase their inherently low thermal conductivity, whilst retaining the electrical dielectric properties. As a result of the crystal structure of HeBoFill® 501, high filler levels in a matrix are achievable for a given amount of material, combined with a comparatively low increase in viscosity.  The extremely low hardness results in lower tool wear during processing in comparison to other fillers such as aluminium oxide, magnesium oxide and further fillers. 
Typical applications for HeBoFill® 501
  • filler for heat conducting pastes and compounds
  • filler for silicone resins, thermoplastics and thermosets
Advantages of HeBoFill® 501
  • high thermal conductivity
  • high purity
  • high filler levels possible
  • large individual crystal sizes
  • very low specific surface area
  • no abraded metal particles in the end-product
  • minimal tool wear in comparison to other fillers due to its extremely low hardness

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