HeBoCoat® alucast

Boron Nitride Coating

HeBoCoat® alucast is a water-based boron nitride coating used in the aluminium casting sector. Its red-brown colouring gives quick and easy visual identification of the coated area. Special refractory binders ensure good adhesion to the substrates. This suspension can, if required, be further diluted with water.

Typical applications for HeBoCoat® alucast
  • coating of launders, runners, tundishes, skim dams, hot top rings and tools in continuous casting applications
  • coating of ladles and refractory parts in low and pressure die casting applications

Advantages of HeBoCoat® alucast

  • temperature resilient red-brown colouring gives quick and easy visual identification of the coated area
  • good surface protection
  • very good sliding and release action
  • good adhesion through use of refractory binders
  • low abrasion  
  • reduced component wear
  • increases service life of both the refractory material and tools
  • easy processing
  • economical in use
  • can be further diluted with water if required
  • easy cleaning of brushes and tools used to apply coating with water

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HeBoCoat alucast for the aluminum industry
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