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HeBoLub® Video is online
You will find here how to use the innovative lubricant additive more

New - Boron Nitride Oil
The innovative lubricant additive for engines, gearboxes and other plant and equipment ..... read more


Fine-tune your Production Processes with Henze Boron Nitride Products

Our boron nitride products have proven versatility. Not only are they characterised by a combination of unique and exceptional physical properties, but also by the wide range of applications in which they can be found. 

Keep a Step ahead with Henze BNP

We process hexagonal boron nitride sourced from renowned international raw material suppliers into precision engineered components, coatings and sprays. Our business is founded on long-standing partnerships which serve to guarantee our requirements for high raw material reliability in terms of both quality and consistency. Henze BNP AG is independent of all of the raw material manufacturers, which allows us to offer the widest possible spectrum of material specifications. These are essentially grouped as follows:

HeBoSint® products - components manufactured from sintered boron nitride to customer specifications
HeBoCoat® products - liquid boron nitride coatings in the form of suspensions or sprays
HeBoFill® products - a variety of boron nitride powders for a wide range of applications
HeBoLub® products - liquid boron nitride coatings as a lubricant additive


Boron nitride coating as suspension or spray   ... more


Precision-machinable sintered boron nitride technical ceramics  ... more


Boron nitride powder for a wide range of application ... more

Boron Nitride Oil Dispersion HeBoLub®

Lubricant additive for engines, gearboxes and other plant and equipment ... more

You’ll have less Friction with Henze Boron Nitride Products

Founded in 1993, Henze BNP AG has made it its mission to reduce friction in your production processes. This is why we have made it our focus to specialise in the refining and processing of this material in its various forms – with a research and development programme to match.

Even the best materials are not always universally suitable for all applications. This is why we specialise in developing solutions to meet your specific requirements. Contact us to discuss any questions you may have surrounding our products or their application.

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